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MTF Dr. Kamol Center Bangkok

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The MTF surgery Hospital is best for every type health problem because it’s the best among all. It is offers various advance technology with modern concept so that help the patients to reduce the critical heath problem in better way. There are so many solutions available in this hospital so you can draw the best solution that you desired of your problem. In this regard, there so many facilities are offering for patients such as:

  •  Includes meals.
  • Outside delivery of food.
  • English movies and news channels.
  • Wireless internet access.
  • Phone with English speaking nurses.
  • Transportation to and from hospital.

So, you can draw this facility through this hospital. The surgeons and doctors of this MTF Surgery Hospital are internationally trained with fluent in English. In this way, this MTF Surgery Hospital is best among other through the comparison of services and modern concept. If you can draw the facilities of service provider, then you need to contact the hospital through the website for positive results. Here is a list of prerequisites for qualifying for the sex reassignment surgery male to female:
Patient should be more than twenty years and more. People who don’ot reach the limit should give proof of the parental consent and legal guardian
Patient should have taken the female hormones for one year
Patient should had feelings of the femininity for very long time, maybe since earliest memories of the childhood
Patient should have led life of woman for one year
Patient must get disgusted by sexual organ & considered as to be outside his body
Patient should have undergone psychological test & are certified by psychiatrist as to be of the sound mind and can resort to the sex reassignment surgery.
Patient should be in very good physical state
The plastic surgery that is used to reassign sex of patient from the male to female, needs removal of skin, tissue as well as nerve endings of sex of patient to transform sexual organ. And here are objectives:
Reconstructing sexual organ so that looks like female genital
Operation, patient will get vagina as deep as skin allows
All nerve endings are very much concentrated in clitoris to preserve feelings of the sexual pleasure
You need to use the plastic surgery to hide scar of possibilities
Methods for the sex reassignment surgery
1. Procedure is done in general anesthesia
2. The neo-vagina with length of 15 to 18 centimeters (6 to 7 inches) is been formed between anus & urinary tract
3. Skin covering penis is been used to line vaginal walls & neo-vagina is made, identical to a woman
4. Extract root of penis & nerve endings are all retained to develop clitoris
5. Urinary tract is been shortened & adapted so urine will flow same way for the women. If operation wasn’t performed properly, urine will spring up in the sitting position
6. External elements, like large & small lips, urinary tract as well as clitoris are all replanted as the genital mutilation & sexual pleasure are preserved